Last Minute Hotel DealsLast minute rates are a good way to save on hotel or motel room reservations. When making your last minute hotel reservation, be sure and ask for any last minute rate deals the hotel or motel might offer for last minute travel. Often times a deep discount on the hotel or motel room rate can be found as a trade off for booking your room last minute.

On any given night, a hotel or motel might have a good number of rooms that are left vacant. As it gets closer to that particular night, hotels and motels realize that the chance of getting those rooms filled gets smaller and smaller. This is when many hotels and motels will offer last minute rate discounts on their rooms in an attempt to get someone in there. Even a hotel that lets a room go for a deeply discounted last minute rate is still making more money than if the room was sitting vacant. The savvy vacationer hunting the best discount rates can use this fact to their advantage by booking last minute hotel stays and reaping the rewards of the discounted rate they get on their hotel or motel room.

Once again, flexibility is key when looking for last minute rate discounts on hotel and motel rooms. If you absolutely have to stay in a particular hotel on a certain date, you should probably book way in advance to make sure you get the room reservation you need. But if you are flexible on the hotel and the time you are traveling, than a last minute discount rate on your hotel or motel room reservation can save you a lot of money. The early bird gets the worm, but the last minute rate hunter gets the discount rate on their hotel or motel reservation.