Last Minute Car DealsOnce you arrive at your destination having enjoyed the savings of your last minute rates on flight, you’re going to need a car to get you around. The last minute rate deals are not wasted on car rental companies either. Cheap rates, whether you are looking for a daily, week end or week long car rental, can be found when booking your car rental last minute.

Just like we see for hotels and flights, a car sitting on the car rental company’s lot isn’t making that car rental company any money. As the date of travel draws near, car rental companies get nervous, and decide to let their cars that have not been rented yet go for a much cheaper price. The price you pay when you book your car rental last minute can be substantially less than the rate paid by those who planned their vacation weeks or months in advance.

Perhaps even more so, you will want to remain flexible when shopping for last minute rates to get the cheap prices for week long rentals on a car. Not only on the date of travel and the car rental company, but also the size and type of car it is important for the last minute rate shopper to be flexible. When booking last minute, do not expect to get the best car on the lot, because someone will have chosen those cars months ago. Instead, remain flexible and you will find cheap last minute car rental rates, whether you are renting a car for the day, week end, or the entire week.

When shopping for a rental car, select a car rental company that is based out of the airport you are arriving at. Then ask the car rental agent for the cheapest last minute rate and the best price on your last minute car rental, many are happy to oblige and give you a cheap last minute rate on your week end or week long car rental.